16/08/2016 – Christmas Dreaming

Dear Diary…

So the life of the unemployed isn’t the most exciting I’ll be the first to admit, all the things you’d think you would have the time to do you no longer have the money to be able to do them!
And yes, I am looking for jobs, but it’s so disheartening when you are continuously applying for things and no one gets back to you. Especially when I think I’m a pretty good employee, I evidently just don’t come across that way (sucks to be me!).

So today I didn’t think about jobs or lack of, instead I organised and tidied our office. Which to many I’m sure sounds highly boring, but there is a side to me which I think is slightly OCD which results in me thoroughly enjoying almost any activity that involves organizing, filing and tidying… so I had a great day! And the office now looks fab! The only thing that bugs me is the carpet and wallpaper, as since our flat is rented we don’t have permission to change them, which means the room is quite dark (as its a brown carpet and dark grey/brown floral wallpaper) but hey ho.

On a different note, is it bad that I’m really looking forward to Autumn?! To be fair we’ve had a pretty non-existent summer. I just can’t wait to get that cosy feeling, and when all the leaves have turned, and chunky knit jumpers and the candles and just everything basically! Also when its Autumn it’s all that much closer to Christmas… and that’s exciting!

This year will be my first ever Christmas without my family, but it’s also my first ever Christmas with just John and me, and I’m already so excited… I’ve already been planning where we can put the tree!
I want it to be a white Christmas this year, but a proper one, not just a sprinkling that turns into mush as soon as you walk on it!

All of that is still a while of yet though, even though that doesn’t stop me getting  very excited. But yeah, back to now.

And with that I think I’ll end this here.

Welcome to my life,
Fiona XO




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