5 Tips for an organised work space.


If you’re anything like me you like everything to have its place and for surfaces and bookcases to look clean, neat and tidy. But if you’re also like me, you’ll find that most of the time the neatness is not maintained even though you really want it to be. So here are my tried and tested top tips to keep your work space organised with a place for everything and everything in its place.

No. 1. – Clear your desk

Once a month go through your desk and chuck everything you don’t need and don’t use. That half dead plant in the corner, chuck it. Having a clear work space works wonders for your productivity, and you’ll be surprised how much junk you can accumulate in the space of a month.

No. 2. – Use a tray system

Depending on what you use your work space for will determine how many trays you may need but having a minimum of 2 (ideally that stack to minimise space) is essential. Having a tray for all the urgent things you need to do keeps them all in the one place so that you know what needs to be done and where it is as soon as you need it. Having an outgoing tray is always helpful too as then you can see what needs to be sent and just pick up the pile at the end of the day and pop it all down to the post office in one go. You could also have a tray for incoming mail that needs to be dealt with, basically you could have a tray for anything you do on a daily basis that would help keep everything in the one place and easy to reach.

No. 3. – Don’t clutter

A habit I am guilty of myself is putting things on my desk that have no reason to be there, they just happen to be in my hand when I sit down or  I put them there with the intention of putting them elsewhere. Keeping your work space clear of everything that is not work related is key for an organised desk, so that magazine you were reading and just popped it down on the desk either bin it or move it elsewhere. You’ll be surprised how much extra space you’ll free up when you remove all the ‘extras’.

No. 4 . – Storage boxes

Storage boxes work wonders for an organised work space! They can be used for papers, stationary, cables; basically anything you have lying around in your office can be tidied away into separate storage boxes. You could even label them so you know exactly where everything is. They also make your work space look much tidier and depending on the style they can brighten up your space.

No. 5. – Filing

Whether you use folders or a filing cabinet a good filing system is essential to your work space. It keeps everything organised so you know exactly where that piece of paper you need is and it keeps the clutter of paper off your desk. A good filing system should never be underestimated for its usefulness.

Happy organising!

Fiona XO

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