10 Summer Handbag Essentials.

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The British summer can be so unpredictable that I find it’s often quite hard to know how to prepare for it, so I’ve come up with a list of my essentials so I’m always set no matter what the day throws at me!

No. 1. – A notebook

Some form of being able to write things down is always a good idea to have with you, you never know when you’ll have to take note of an address or birthday! I know you could use your phone, but I personally much rather have it written down, whether that be in a notebook, planner or diary.
(P.S. you will also need to remember a pen).

No. 2. – Perfume

Just to keep you smelling amazing all day long… I mean why wouldn’t you want to have that ability?! It also adds a put together/chic aura to your look.

No. 3. – A small deodorant

Because on those occasional really hot days you need to have the ability to stay looking and feeling fresh all day and not have to stress about your underarms! And the small cans/roll ons take up basically no space in your bag!

No. 4. – An umbrella

For the days when its either just plain wet or for when it starts off as blue skies then 2 hours later ends up basically being an amazon style downpour! A small collapsible umbrella will never do you wrong, and depending on the pattern can also look really pretty!

No. 5. – Wet wipes

A small packet of wet wipes just comes in handy every now and again! You know those occasions when you get an ice-cream and then it drips over your hands and you end up really sticky?! Yeah? Those days are the days it’s good to have some wet wipes to hand.

No. 6. – A mirror

A little portable mirror is never out of place in any bag for those last minute touch ups or lipstick checks, it’s a must have item!

No. 7 . – Headphones

For the reason that can anyone really go anywhere these days and not have headphones?!

No. 8. – Tissues

Little tissue packets come in such cute packaging these days, there is no reason not to have them in your bag! You never know what you’ll need a tissue for, it could be as simple as to spit your gum out but that’s reason enough for me.

No. 9. – Lipstick

It never hurts to have your favourite lipstick in your bag, obvs you can use it for touch ups throughout the day, or, if your plans change but you don’t get the opportunity to change, adding some lippie is a sure fire way to glam up your outfit! My current favourite is: NYX soft matte lip cream, in the shade Athens (OMG it is amazing)!!

No. 10. – Sweets

Do I even need to give a reason? Now I’m not talking a massive bag of Haribo or anything, but a few chocolates or whatever are always a nice treat to have! I quite often forget that I have anything so it’s a double bonus when you find them!

These simple items are sure to get you through whatever the day throws at you! Obvs you will also need to take your purse but I took that as a given! Hope you enjoyed this style of post!

Fiona XO


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  1. I always pack a small perfume on a hot days, think you always need to be able to refresh yourselves.

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