Dear Diary: Life Update.

Well hello there my lovely readers!

I’m sorry about the lack of posts recently, it started off from travelling back to my parents a couple of times when I didn’t have my laptop with me and then I just never seemed to take the time to sit and write anything. But hopefully I will get back into the swing of it from here on in!

So, in my last Dear Diary post I mentioned that I had been struggling to find a job since moving to Birmingham, well I can now update this fact as I now actually have two jobs! Seems to be a bit like buses, you get nothing and then they all come along at once. So basically I eventually got a job as a Ward Clerk in the NHS but this job hasn’t actually started yet as its taking a while to get all the paperwork sorted. So due to this job not starting for a month or two since finding out I was successful I ended up looking for another job I could do in the interim as otherwise would be a very long time to have no income coming in! And I ended up getting a job at NEXT where I am currently working.

So we are now officially in Autumn AND its only 82 days until Christmas guys!! Anyone else as excited as me?!  Autumn has some of my favourite days, you know when the air is really crisp and cold but there’s no wind and the sky is just blue? Well I love those days, they are the best days for long walks wrapped up in jumpers and scarves!

This October I am also going sober for Macmillan, I would love it if you could sponsor me here or just donate here. Anything you guys can give is better than nothing so even if its as little as £1 it’s for an amazing cause and helps so many people. About a month ago I found out that my mum had breast cancer, thankfully hers was caught very early on thanks to screening done through the NHS every 3 years. And so after having surgery to remove the cancer, she’s soon going to be starting radiotherapy to make sure everything is fully gone and the whole process from finding out about the cancer to being fixed will take around 4 months. So she is very very fortunate, however there a lot of people out there who are not quite as fortunate and Macmillan do such an amazing job for so many of these people, that I felt I couldn’t not do Sober October, feel free to join in by clicking here.

Apart from that nothing much has changed in the past couple of months.. pretty mundane life over here not that I’m complaining but yeah that’s about it. Thanks for reading!

Fiona XO

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